Activity: Athens - Greece Capital

Athens – Greece Capital city on a motorcycle journey in Southern Europe. Enjoy a fabulous walk in the cradle of civilization – Athens. Greece capital city welcomes you with cobbled streets, remarkable architecture, ancient monuments, and the crown jewel – the Acropolis. Walk the city streets, enjoy the sights, and taste the delicious Greek traditional cuisine.

Select Greece Motorcycle Tour, a fascinating motorbike adventure in Southern Europe and head to Athens – one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Ride a motorcycle on some of the best motorcycle roads in the World to an amazing travel destination.

Ride with a BMW Motorrad Official Travel Partner, visit Athens – Greece Capital city!

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Motorbike Holiday Greece

Discover the land of Greek Gods and ancient civilization. Explore Greece on an unforgettable BMW motorcycle adventure. Mountains, seas, Ancient Oracles and impressive ancient cities – welcome to Greece, the cradle of civilization.

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