Activity: Stelvio Pass

Venture on a fabulous motorcycle ride on Europe’s second highest road in Europe – Stelvio Pass. Due to its high altitude (9048 feet/2758 meters) the road is passable only from the end of May to early November. Stelvio is a spectacular route, encompassing 88 hairpin turns from the South Tyrol to the Lombard side. The Pass is the access point to Umbrail Pass in Switzerland, making the connection with Mustair Valley.

The construction of the work began in 1822, involved over 2,500 workers, and was finalized i about three years. Select Mighty Alps Motorcycle Tour and venture on an incredible adventure taking on the highest mountain passes of Europe.
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Explore the highest alpine passes with Motorcycle Tours Europe. Ride some of the best motorcycle roads in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland and visit unique sites. Rides along some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe will complete the experience.

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