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Venture on a fantastic soft-enduro motorcycle tour in Romania. The country is a paradise for motorcycle lovers and the off-road sector is extremely vast and provocative. Ride the great tracks of the Sunset Mountains and visit its caves and glaciers. The road takes you crossing dense forests, narrow gorges and rocky mountains on dirt or gravel up to the most beautiful view of the western Carpathians.
The tour includes a BMW G650GS motorcycle. Upgrade to BMW F750GS, BMW F850GS, BMW R1200GS available at an extra cost, provided that you have off-road experience on adventure bikes.
Travel to Transylvania and explore its wild mountain roads. Ride with a BMW Motorrad Travel Partner!

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Off-Road Motorcycle Tours – Western Carpathians

Join a private soft-enduro motorcycle tour in Transylvania. Explore fantastic gravel roads on Devil’s Valley, Hell’s Valley and Ponorului Citadel. Complete your off-road experience with some of the most important natural reservations in Transylvania.

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