Activity: Transfagarasan Road

Venture on a motorcycle ride on Transfagarasan Road in Romania. The best road in the World was built as a military route, by communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Transfagarasan road snakes up the tallest peaks of the Carpathians. The road snakes up the tallest peaks of the Carpathians.

Due to the high altitude the road is open only 3-4 months per year and you can find walls of snow on the side of the road even in June. 90 km of road, riding up to 2042 m in altitude, over 5 km serpentine, over 80 hairpin curves, 5 tunnels and over 500 small bridges. Now that’s a road you need to ride!

The ride takes you above the three line, making the road unfolding right in front of your eyes. It is a road of many bends and hairpin curves offering great visibility and enormous satisfaction.

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