There are many ways to explore Norway. Be it on a train or a boat, you can be sure of one thing – spectacular scenery is guaranteed. If you add the thrill of a motorcycle ride to the fabulous landscape, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure. One of the happiest countries in the World, Norway opens its superb motorcycle roads for a motorcycle journey to remember.

Known as the most mountainous countries in Europe, Norway is synonym with stunning fiords and midnight sun. Hunt for the aurora borealis and venture on a journey to Europe’s most northern point while riding some of the best motorcycle roads in Norway.

Best Motorcycle Roads Norway, from south to North:

Lysevegen Road in Lysebotn (Lysebotnvegen) – Fv500

From Suleskard to Lysebotn
Length: 29-kilometre
Elevation: over 900 metres
27 hairpin turns
Open: from May to October/November (depending on weather conditions)
Hiking trail to Pulpitrock is 8 kms long and it takes about 4 hrs walk up with a stunning view over the fjord.
You can combine the motorcycle ride with a ferry ride on Lysebotn fjord with fabulous views. From Lysebotn Fjord you can take the ferry to Lauvvik. Vehicle spaces are limited, booking in advance is recommended.

Lysevegen, Lysebotn – Noway


A plain between steep mountains with a splash of fjord, Flam is a village in S-E of Norway.
The small, picturesque village is a major cruise port in Norway. Impressive views, delicious Viking menus and beer tasting attracts visitors every year. Please keep in mind that as the summer season is short, the hotels book fast.

Geiranger – route 63

Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Waterfalls, mountain peaks, amazing landscape – nature worked over time creating this place. Route 63 or the Golden Route offers excellent panorama of the famous Geirangerfjord.
From Åndalsnes and Skjåk/Stryn (via Valldal and Geiranger)
Lengt: 100-km
Elevation: Geiranger Skywalk seats at about 1500m in altitide
11 hairpin turns
Open: from late May until November (depending on weather conditions)



Best Motorcycle Roads in Norway

Trollstigvegen (Trollstigen)

Trollstigen means the troll path or troll trail. The route isan impressive mountain pass that twists through eleven hairpin bends up the steep mountain sides in Romsdalen valley.
-connects Åndalsnes with the village of Valldal in Sunnmøre.
Length: about 50 km
Time: 2 hrs ride
Elevation: about 850m in altitude
11 hairpin bends
Incline: steep incline of 10%
100% asphalt

Trollstigen, road of Trolls, Norway

Atlantic Coastal Road – route 64

The route was originally proposed as a railway line in the early 20th century, but this was abandoned. 
The road connects Utheim (on Averøy) with the mainland @Eide via a series of small islands and islets
– connected by several causeways, viaducts and eight bridges – the most prominent being Storseisundet Bridge.
Length: 8.3 km long
Time: no longer that 2-3 hrs ride, depending on how many stops you would like to make
Incline: maximum gradient 8%
Cost: toll free

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Lofoten Islands – Lofotveggen

Take the ferry from Bodo to Å on Lofoten Islands. Ride to Lødingen on E10.
Lofoten has a strong connection to the Viking Age. Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg lets you explore how the Vikings used to live in a reconstruction of the largest Viking longhouse ever found from this era (83 m long). Its majestic mountains and the deep fjords will surely impress.
Length: 230 km long
Time: about 4hrs
Elevation: The highest mountain in Lofoten is Higravstinden (1,161 metres) in Austvågøy

Lofoten Islands, Norway

All these mileage just to reach Nord Kapp/North Cape.
Your journey to North Cape (Nordkapp in Norwegian) is one of the most beautiful road trips you will ever ride. Breathtaking landscapes and remote fishing villages lead you to the iconic globe overlooking the Barents Sea.

Notes and additional information for a motorcycle tour in Norway:

Maximum speed limit: 50/60/80
Short distance highways: with 100/110
Rain gear is a must
Beer cost 12-15 euros
Wine glass 12-15 euros
3 course meal around 60 euros/person
Good Accommodation 150 – 200 euros/room/night
Motorcycles may use roads without paying tolls
Most bigger cities are concentrated in the south. Going north smaller city or villages. Route depends on how many days would you like to concentrate the tour.

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