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Defensive Riding Course



Skill up with Defensive Riding Course.

Start your motorcycle tour with a positive vibe and improved riding technics.
This course is especially designed for licensed motorcycle riders who have booked an Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live adventure and would like to improve their riding skills before hitting the road.
The course is excellent if the motorcycle model you will be using during the tour is different than the one you ride at home. At the end of the course, you will become familiar with your ride before the tour start for a safe and relaxing journey.
Take advantage of the professional advice of our expert instructors.
In partnership with Moto Academia

Defensive Riding Course Romania
Part I Theoretical Notions

  • road safety regulations
  • get acquainted to your motorcycle
  • riding skills level assessment
  • safe environment for proper technic training

Part II Defensive Riding Course
Low Speed Controlling The Motorcycle Through Obstacles

  • learn and practice proficient riding technics
  • balance training
  • breaking technics (different difficulty levels)

Controlling The Motorcycle In Emergency Situations

  • emergency breaking at different speed
  • evasive maneuvers, swerving
  • counter steering

This course is designed for confident motorcycle riders, who have already obtained their motorcycle driving permit, but desire to become a better, safer, and more skilled rider.

expert instructors


Moto Academia Training Grounds




With your own motorcycle: 98 euro

If you will be riding a Transylvania Live motorcycle during our tour, 1-day rental cost of the motorcycle will be added. Price depends on the motorcycle model chosen. Please click here to see our motorcycle fleet.


Passenger: 15 euro
If you are going to ride 2up during the tour, we offer the option of some exercise to be done with your passenger. An additional cost of euro 15 will be added.  

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Advice for Americans traveling abroad

According with U.S. government the following advice are to be followed:

Before you go

  • Confirm your passport is valid for 6 months from when you think your trip will end. Don’t get stranded.
  • Get comprehensive travel insurance to cover you and your gear. Get insurance that’s right for you and covers your activities in the places you’ll go. Remember, regardless of how healthy and fit you are, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.
  • Consider your physical and mental health. Get advice from your doctor if you’re unsure.
  • See your doctor or travel clinic 8 weeks before you go for a basic health check
  • Check if your medication is legal and available in the places you’re going. Take enough of your prescribed medicines to last the whole trip. Carry copies of your prescription and a letter from your doctor.
  • Tell your bank you’re travelling and check if your cards will work. Have several payment options.
  • If you’ll drive overseas check out the local traffic laws and practices. You’re likely to need an International Driving Permit (IDP) as well as your US driver’s license.
  • Share your itinerary with friends or family members. Give them copies of your passport

Travel insurance

Holidays don’t always go as planned. If you’re going overseas, travel insurance is as important as a passport. Without it, you or your family could suffer financially if things go wrong. No matter who you are, where you’re going and what you’re doing, get insurance.

Travel insurance is especially important if you need medical assistance. Healthcare overseas can be very expensive. Most countries won’t give you free care, or subsidies the cost of your care. You, or your insurer, must usually pay full price.

Travel Advice for Americans visiting Romania


Keep your personal belongings close. Lock hotel and train compartment doors from the inside.

Drink spiking is an issue, especially in Bucharest’s Old Town. Don’t accept food, drinks, gum or cigarettes from people you’ve just met.

Dating and marriage scams occur.

Only use ATM’s in banks, shops and shopping centers, especially at night. Always keep your credit card in sight. Be wary of people you’ve met online.

Local laws

Penalties for drug offences are severe. They can include jail sentences of up to 20 years.

By law, you must always carry photo ID. Keep your passport in a safe place. Carry a photocopy.

It’s illegal to take photos of airports, military sites or other secure locations.

It’s illegal to engage in sex work or have sexual relations with a person under 18.

Same-sex relationships are legal in Romania, but not widely accepted.

Local contacts:

You can get full consular help from the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest.

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Activity Includes:

  • escort to the location
  • Defensive Riding Course
  • water

Activity Excludes

  • motorcycle gear (available for rent on request)
  • motorcycle (available for rent on request. Please click here for a selection of motorcycle models)
  • gasoline

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